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Interment Records of Chicago St. Casimir Lithuanian RC Cemetery

In general, most of the Lithuanian pre-WWI Roman Catholic immigrants to Chicago are buried in St. Casimir Roman Catholic Lithuanian Cemetery.  [The word "Lithuanian" was dropped from the name in the late twentieth century, when the archdiocese dropped all ethnic designations from the names of its cemeteries.] The 1903-1988 interment records were microfilmed, and the microfilmed images have now been digitized. They are available online at FamilySearch.org.  To view the records, you must sign in to the website (for free).

FHL Microfilm TitleFHL Microfilm No.Digital Folder No.Web Address of Digital Folder [opens in a new window at FamilySearch.org]
Abar - Bozak1530775004401909https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:S3HT-D1G9-JXB?wc=Q64L-761%3A1590082603&cc=1503083
Braasch - Dzwileski1530706004401908https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:S3HT-DWT9-KY3?wc=Q64L-7Z1%3A1590082602&cc=1503083
Eadent - Jamontas
Janackis - Kizys
Klain - Maleszka
Maleta - Norton
Norus - Rafferty
Ragainio - Simanus
Simas - Tlewiczaite
Tobey - Yozanitis
Yucaitis - Zywatkauski

Repository: website FamilySearch.org

Source title (for entry on Ancestry.com or similar): Interment Records of St. Casimir Lithuanian Cemetery, Chicago, 1903-1988 [online database].

Source; Note (for entry [under "Source"] on Ancestry.com or similar): These are digitized images of the following FHL microfilms (11 rolls) that originally comprised this Source:

  • FHL microfilm 1530775 (Abar-Bozak).
  • FHL microfilm 1530706 (Braasch-Dzwileski).
  • FHL microfilm 1530707 (Eadent-Jamontas).
  • FHL microfilm 1530839 (Janackis- Kizys).
  • FHL microfilm 1530840 (Klain-Maleszka).
  • FHL microfilm 1530841 (Maleta-Norton).
  • FHL microfilm 1530783 (Norus - Rafferty).
  • FHL microfilm 1530784 (Ragainio-Simanus).
  • FHL microfilm 1530785 (Simas-Tlewiczaite).
  • FHL microfilm 1530942 (Tobey-Yozanitis).
  • FHL microfilm 1530943 (Yucaitis-Zywatkauski).

   Citation detail (for entry on Ancestry.com or similar) [examples for each digital folder]:

  • Digital Folder 004401909 (images of FHL microfilm 1530775 (Abar - Bozak)), Image ___ of 5203; accessed [date] at [web address of image].
  • Digital Folder 004401908 (images of FHL microfilm 1530706 (Braasch-Dzwileski)), Image ___ of 5097; accessed [date] at [web address of image].
  • Digital Folder 004401819 (images of FHL microfilm 1530707 (Eadent-Jamontas)), Image ___ of 4981; accessed [date] at [web address of image].
  • Digital Folder 004401911 (images of FHL microfilm 1530839 (Janackis- Kizys)), Image ___ of 5261; accessed [date] at [web address of image].
  • Digital Folder 004401730 (images of FHL microfilm 1530840 (Klain-Maleszka)), Image ___ of 5368; accessed [date] at [web address of image].
  • Digital Folder 004401990 (images of FHL microfilm 1530841 (Maleta-Norton)), Image ___ of 5339; accessed [date] at [web address of image].
  • Digital Folder 004401910 (images of FHL microfilm 1530783 (Norus - Rafferty)), Image ___ of 5098; accessed [date] at [web address of image].
  • Digital Folder 004401820 (images of FHL microfilm 1530784 (Ragainio-Simanus)), Image ___ of 5056; accessed [date] at [web address of image].
  • Digital Folder 004401989 (images of FHL microfilm 1530785 (Simas-Tlewiczaite)), Image ___ of 5129; accessed [date] at [web address of image].
  • Digital Folder 004401912 (images of FHL microfilm 1530942 (Tobey-Yozanitis)), Image ___ of 5102; accessed [date] at [web address of image].
  • Digital Folder 004401991 (images of FHL microfilm 1530943 (Yucaitis-Zywatkauski)), Image ___ of 2405; accessed [date] at [web address of image].

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