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Kurtuvėnai RC Parish

Transcription and Translation of Example Entries from Kurtuvėnai RC Parish Registers

Refer to the following examples of transcribed/ translated entries from the birth (baptism), marriage and death registers of Kurtuvėnai RC Parish [links below with suffix "(GDocs)" will open in a new window on Google Docs]: 

  • Kurtuvėnai 1813-02-03 F1188 Marriage Register Entry Data (GDocs)  (in Latin and Polish)
  • Kurtuvėnai 1840-10-27 F1188 Marriage Register Entry Data (GDocs)  (in Polish)
  • Kurtuvėnai 1850-01-17 F1188 Marriage Record (in Russian)
  • Kurtuvėnai 1850-01-17 F1188 Marriage Register Entry Data (GDocs)  (in Russian)
  • Kurtuvėnai 1871-02-08 F669 Marriage Record (in Russian)
  • Kurtuvėnai 1871-02-08 F669 Marriage Register Entry Data (GDocs)  (in Russian)

(I used the "In Their Words" books by Shea & Hoffman (References 1, 2, and 3) to help transcribe and translate the records.)

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