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"Family Recollection" (about an immigrant Lithuanian ancestor)

The objective of this activity is to find out and document (write down, with sources and dates) any information that has been passed down orally within your family that would help to identify the birth family, birth date, and specific birthplace of your immigrant Lithuanian ancestor.  I refer to that information as the "Family Recollection". The "Family Recollection" might even include that someone else in the family has already made some form of a Family Tree document.

EXAMPLE OF "FAMILY RECOLLECTION".  The "Family Recollection" about my paternal grandfather [collected by me in 1990 from his son (my father), his daughter (my aunt), and his granddaughter (my cousin)].

  • Name: Julius  (= Lithuanian short form "Julius" of Lithuanian full name "Julijonas").
  • Surname:  He used the name "Normant" (which infers Lithuanian "Normantas"), but some Lithuanians in the parish called him "Narmontas".
  • Birthplace: Telšiai, Lithuania.
  • Birth date: 1882?.
  • Father's Name:  John (= Lithuanian "Jonas").
  • Mother's First Name:  Pauline (= Lithuanian "Paulina").
  • Mother's Maiden Name: Gudovich (infers Lithuanian "Gudavičius", for which maiden name form is "Gudavičiūtė").
  • Family Members: He had no brothers. He had 3 sisters in Lithuania plus 1 (Agatha) who had come to the U.S. (Chicago).  The names of the sisters in Lithuania were, from oldest to youngest: Catherine (Lithuanian "Kotryna"), Josephine (Lithuanian "Juozapina") and unknown.  Agatha was youngest of all; she was born ....  All of his sisters were now deceased.
  • Many other items of recollection (some of which turned out to be incorrect).