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Examples of Transcription and Translation of Entries in Polish-Language Marriage Registers of Roman Catholic Churches (RCCs) in Lithuania

In general, the marriage registers of Roman Catholic churches in Lithuania were in the Polish language from about 1827 to about 1848. During that time frame, a typical entry in the marriage register would include the following information: 
- date of marriage;
- place of marriage; 

- name of priest conducting the wedding ceremony;

- dates that the banns of marriage were announced;

- names of groom and bride; 
- social class (peasant, townsperson [burgher], noble) of groom and bride;
- ages of groom and bride; 

- home villages of groom and bride; 

- prior marriage status (widower, widow) of groom and bride; 

- home parishes of groom and bride; 

- names of parents of groom and bride; 

- a statement that the priest has found no impediments to the marriage;
- a statement that groom and bride stated their wedding vows;
- names and social class of named witnesses to the marriage;

Each link below provides an example of transcription and translation of an entry in a Polish-language marriage register of a Roman Catholic parish in Lithuania.
         Kantaučiai 1832-02-03 F1825 Marriage Register Entry Data (in Polish)


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