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Corrections/ Clarifications:  I realize that there could be mistakes in the material on this website, or places where added detail would be of benefit for clarification.  Please let me know if you spot something that needs correcting or clarifying.

Website Readability/ Display:  I'm very interested in whether everything is readable, and is displaying properly. Please let me know where improvement is needed.

"Printability":  I realized a while ago (Sep 2014) that there is a major printing problem with this website--only the first sheet of any long web page will print.  (I had known about the problem before that, but wasn't aware that it went beyond my own computer.)  Apparently this is inherent in the coding of the web design software that I am using [the software provided by GoDaddy] and the problem can be resolved only if I change to a different software [move the entire site to a different web publishing platform].  That would be desirable but time-consuming and I'd like to do that in the future, but for now I want to continue to focus my efforts on adding to the site content vs. changing software.  In the interim, I've started (Oct 2016) putting more of the content into documents that can be accessed on Google Docs.

Suggestions for Future Added Content:  I would appreciate any suggestions about what to add to this website in the future.  Please note, however, that there is already much material available about how to search for one's immigrant European ancestors and it's not my intent to dwell on any of that material.  My aim is to focus on the aspects of that material that are unique to searching for one's immigrant Lithuanian ancestors.

Questions:  I 'm sorry, but I am not able to respond to questions.  If you have questions about Lithuanian genealogy, I highly recommend the website of the LGGS Yahoo Discussion Group on Lithuanian Genealogy (