Lithuania Roman Catholic Parish Registers

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Examples of Transcription and Translation of Entries in Polish-Language Birth Registers of Roman Catholic Churches (RCCs) in Lithuania

In general, the birth registers of Roman Catholic churches in Lithuania were in the Polish language from about 1827 to about 1848. [The Lithuanian State Historical Archives refers to these as birth registers, but they are actually baptism registers.] During that time frame, a typical entry in the birth register would include the following information:

- date of baptism;

- place of baptism; name of baptizing priest;

- name of baptized infant;

- names of parents of baptized infant; 

- social class (peasant, townsperson [burgher], noble) of parents of baptized infant; 

​- a statement that the parents were lawfully married;

- date of birth;

- place of birth (usually including a statement naming the parish in which it was located);

- names and social class of godparents (and sometimes names of their home villages).

Each link below provides an example of transcription and translation of an entry in a Polish-language birth (baptism) register of a Roman Catholic parish in Lithuania.
          Tverečius RCC 1836-11-15 Baptism Record (in Polish)

          Lieplaukė RCC 1843-07-12 Baptism Record (in Polish)


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