Lithuanian Roman Catholic (RC) Ancestor Search Information

Translated-Transcribed Register Entry Data Tables

for Tverečius RC Parish Ancestor Search

General.  These are tables that consist of data that has been transcribed and translated from many of the individual handwritten entries in the online 1755-1920 birth, marriage and death registers of the Roman Catholic church (RCC) in Tverečius, Lithuania. The translations are into English, except that names of Lithuanian people and places are translated into modern Lithuanian. Because the 1755-1920 register entries are in Latin, Polish or "Old" Russian, this transcribed/ translated data can be an aid to anyone who is trying to translate a similar entry from the online registers of other RC parishes in Lithuania. 

Background.  For purposes of my own family tree research, I created standard tabular formats for recording the contents of the birth (baptism), marriage and death registers of RC parishes in Lithuania that are archived online at the website. I refer to these as Register Entry Data Tables (REDTs). These Tables provide translated / transcribed data for the individual entries in the parish registers, and I have tried to follow the practices that are used by Lithuanian genealogists when translating such entries.

Selection of Entries for Inclusion in Table. In general, I have always tried to include in the Tables at least those entries that contain the surnames of my ancestors, but some Tables go far beyond that basic objective (in a few cases, I have tried to transcribe all entries in the register). [My ancestral surnames within Tverečius RC parish are: Čepulis, Klonis, Kondratavičius, Kudaba, Lukšas, Lukšėnas, Maciukas, Pauliukėnas, Stasiūnas, Telyčėnas, Vitėnas.] Even if the Tables don't include the surnames for which you may be searching, they can still be helpful as examples of the entries in the old registers of Lithuanian RC churches. 

Location of Register Entry Data Tables. I have posted the Tables on Google Docs, and have listed below the links to those documents.  [The Tables are created in Microsoft Word. The nature of the tables makes it extremely difficult to post them directly on this website, but it is quite easy to post them on Google Docs.]


  • clicking on a link below will open that Table in a new window.
  • each Table usually takes time to load (less than 1 or 2 minutes if you have fast download capability). 
  • Google Docs provides the capability to change the magnification of the document for online viewing.
  • Google Docs provides the capability to print the document.
  • Google Docs provides the capability to download the document to your own computer [but be aware that these Tables are all work-in-progress and are updated from time to time].

Many of the endnotes to the Register Entry Data Tables tend to be the same, so they are listed in a generic document instead of being included in each separate Table.


References:  I have used the following documents extensively throughout the years of my Lithuanian Genealogy "hobby", including for the translations of records shown on this website:

  • In Their Words; A Genealo​gist's Translation Guide to Polish, German, Latin, and Russian Documents; Volume I: Polish, by Jonathan D. Shea & William F. Hoffman, Language & Lineage Press, 2007.
  • In Their Words; A Genealo​gist's Translation Guide to Polish, German, Latin, and Russian Documents; Volume II: Russian, by Jonathan D. Shea & William F. Hoffman, Language & Lineage Press, 2002. [There is now a revised (2014) edition available.]