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Lithuania Roman Catholic Parish Registers

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Reading the Polish-Language Birth, Marriage and Death Registers of RC Parishes in Lithuania

The Polish language was used in the registers of Lithuanian RCCs during a portion of the nineteenth century. It appears that RCCs in the Vilnius diocese used the Polish language from the second half of 1827 through the first half of 1848, and that RCCs in the Telšiai diocese used the Polish language from the beginning of 1828 through the end of 1848.

​In the Polish-language registers, all of the text is handwritten in the Polish language, and the names of ethnic Lithuanians are Polonized (converted into Polish-language versions of the names), and the names of Lithuanian towns and villages are identified by their Polish names.
Follow the links below to full transcriptions and translations of example Polish-language birth, marriage and death records. 

     Example Entries from Polish-Language Birth Registers of Lithuanian RCCs
     Example Entries from Polish-Language Marriage Registers of Lithuanian RCCs
     Example Entries from Polish-Language Death Registers of Lithuanian RCCs

(I used the Polish volume of the "In Their Words" books by Shea & Hoffman (Reference 1to help transcribe and translate the records.)

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