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Examples of Transcription and Translation of Entries in Russian-Language Death Registers of Roman Catholic Churches (RCCs) in Lithuania

In general, the death registers of Roman Catholic churches in Lithuania were in the Russian language from about 1848 until after WWI. During that time frame, a typical entry in the death register would include the following information:

- date of death;

- place of death; 

- name of deceased person; 

- social class (peasant, townsperson [burgher], noble) of deceased person, if the deceased person was an adult;

- in later registers, if the parents were peasants: name of the district of the parents; 

- sometimes: the maiden name of a deceased married woman;

- age of deceased person (not always reliable),

- cause of death (a non-scientific guess by the priest), 

- a statement about whether or not the "last rites" were administered before death;

- a statement that the deceased person was a member of the parish;

- names and social class of parents, if the deceased person was a child;

- names of surviving children, if the deceased person was an adult);

- sometimes: a statement that the deceased person was a widow or widower;

- sometimes: a statement that provides the name of a surviving husband or wife;

- sometimes: a statement that provides the name of a deceased husband or wife;

- often: statements about the time and place of burial;

- sometimes: name of priest who performed the burial service.

Each link below provides an example of transcription and translation of an entry in a Russian-language death register of a Roman Catholic parish in Lithuania.
          Lieplaukė RCC 1913-07-28 Death Record (in Russian)
          Tverečius RCC 1915-03-11 Death Record (in Russian)


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