Lithuanian Roman Catholic (RC) Ancestor Search Information

Search Aids for My Ancestral Parishes in Lithuania

This section of this website contains search aids to help others who are searching in the birth, marriage, and death registers of a few specific Roman Catholic (RC) parishes.  Even if your ancestor is from a different parish, many of the descriptions of example entries are probably applicable to your ancestor's parish, because other parishes in the same diocese often kept similar records.

I am concentrating on the parishes of my Lithuanian ancestors.  My ancestral parishes are:

  • Kantaučiai RC Parish 
  • Krekenava RC Parish
  • Kurtuvėnai RC Parish
  • Lieplaukė RC Parish
  • Pakapė RC Parish
  • Tverečius RC Parish
  • Žarėnai RC Parish

For each of these parishes, the descriptions in this section typically include:

  • a parish overview
  • lists of the specific birth, marriage and death registers that are available at LVIA, including information about any indexes that are available.
  • lists of names of villages (in Lithuanian) within the parish, including how their names were spelled in Polish and Russian.
  • Register Entry Data Tables that contain, for selected entries, transcription and translation of the key information contained in the birth, marriage and death registers of each RC parish. 
  • description of the content of individual parish registers, including description of a typical page and transcription/ translation of a typical entry (usually an entry about my ancestor).

Except for images associated with these descriptive examples, this website DOES NOT include the images of register pages (those are available at

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