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All Saints RCC 1918-10-28 Death Record (in Latin)

Refer to the image below, which is an image of the second entry on register page 98 of the 1906-1925 death register of All Saints (Lithuanian) RC Parish in Chicago.  The format of this entry is typical of other entries in this death register.


28 October 1918 Death Entry in All Saints RCC Death Register (in Latin)

(Ref: Website; Illinois, Chicago, Catholic Church Records, 1833-1925; All Saints Parish (Chicago: S State); 

Deaths 1906-1926 with index; Image 75 of 90; second entry on register page 98)

TRANSCRIPTION:  NOMEN. Julianna Račkauskienē Die 28 mensis Oct. A.D. 1918 obiit Julianna Račkauskienē, fili -----, aetatis 34 an. nataex loco -----, sepulta est die 29 mens. Oct. A.D. 1918 in cemeterio Sti Casmiri.  Adnotationes _______.  P. Lapelis.

GENERAL TRANSLATION:  NAME. Julijona Račkauskienė.  On day 28 of October in the Year of the Lord 1918, died Julijona Račkauskienė, age 34 years; she was buried on day 29 of October in the Year of the Lord 1918 in St. Casimir cemetery. [signed] P. Lapelis.

MY SUMMARY TRANSLATION OF THIS ENTRY (translated from Latin into English, except names translated into modern Lithuanian): Julijona Račkauskienė, age 34, died on October 28, 1918, was buried in St. Casimir cemetery on October 29, 1918. The priest was Rev. P. Lapelis.


  • Given Name of Deceased Person: "Julianna". In this register, the given name is entered as the (nominative-case) Latin equivalent of the person's given name.  For this entry ("Julianna"), the correct Latin spelling is "Juliana". The equivalent Lithuanian name is "Julijona"; the equivalent English name is "Julianna".
  • Surname of Deceased Person: "Račkauskienē". In this register, the surname is typically entered in Lithuanian. For females, the surname is typically entered in "female married name" form or "female maiden name" form, but is sometimes entered in family-name form.  This entry "Račkauskienē" is the married name form of the family name Račkauskas".  [The ē is an earlier form of the modern Lithuanian ė.]
  • Names of Parents: (no entry).  In this entry, the priest has simply left the line blank. In this register, many of the entries do have the names of the parents listed, with the given names in Latin and the surnames in Lithuanian.
  • Age (aetatis) of Deceased Person: "34 an. nata".  the "an. nata" means something like "years from birth", with "an." being an abbreviation derived from "annus" (year).
  • Place (re "ex loco"): (no entry).  In this entry, the priest has simply left the line blank.  In this register, if there is an entry, it is typically the name of the local neighborhood where the deceased person was residing at time of death.
  • St. Casimir cemetery.  The typical entry in this register says that the deceased person was buried in St. Casimir cemetery.  At the time, St. Casimir cemetery was recognized as being a Lithuanian cemetery, and it was the typical burial place of any deceased Lithuanian who had been a member of any Lithuanian Roman Catholic parish in Chicago.