Lithuanian Roman Catholic (RC) Ancestor Search Information

Lieplaukė RC Parish; Overview for Ancestor Search

GENERAL.  This web page provides an overview of data about 1765-1939 Lieplaukė RC parish in Lithuania for use in Lithuanian ancestor search.

LOCATION.  Lieplaukė is a small town in Lithuania, located about 9 kilometers west-southwest (WSW) of Telšiai.  It is in the Ryškėnai elderate of Telšiai district municipality in Telšiai county. 


  • In 1613, a “minimal” temporary Catholic church or chapel was built in Lieplaukė.  This church was considered to be a part of the Alsėdžiai parish.
  • In 1621, a permanent Catholic church or chapel was built in Lieplaukė, and was named Šv. Jurgio (St. George’s); however, this church in Lieplaukė was still considered to be a part of the Alsėdžiai parish.
  • In 1844, the Lieplaukė church (St. George’s Church) was designated to be a separate parish (St. George’s Parish).
  • In 1861, a new church building (the present church building) was built, and it opened in 1862.

.   The 1613-1939 history of the Lieplaukė area is as follows:

  • 1613-1795: part of the Samogitia Elderate of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (GDL); the GDL was part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
  • 1795-1918: part of the Russian Empire (Lithuanians consider it as a Russian occupation of the lands of the Lithuanian people).
  • 1915-1918: under German occupation during WWI.
  • 1918-1939: part of independent Lithuania.


  • ONLINE: Births: 1765-1907.  Marriages 1777-1922.  Deaths: 1765-1827 and 1835-1922.
  • AT ARCHIVES ONLY: Births: 1908-1912, 1914-1915 and 1924-1939.  Marriages: 1924-1939.  Deaths: 1828-1834 and 1924-1939.
  • UNAVAILABLE: Births: pre-1765; 1913 and 1916-1923.  Marriages: pre-1777, 1923.  Deaths: pre-1765; 1920-1923.


  • 1765 to 1827 in Latin [except post-1805 marriage register entries are partly in Latin and partly in Polish];
  • 1828 to 1848 in Polish;
  • 1849 to ~1920 in Russian [except some 1917-1922 marriage entries are entered in Latin in a German-language register].
  • ~1920-1939 in Lithuanian.

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