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All Saints RCC 1916-12-24 Baptism Record (in Latin)

Refer to the image below, which is an image of entry 1402 on register page 156 of the 1906-1921 baptism register of All Saints (Lithuanian) RC Parish in Chicago.  The format of this entry is typical of other entries in this baptism register.


24 December 1916 Entry in All Saints RCC Baptism Register (in Latin)

(Ref: Website; Illinois, Chicago, Catholic Church Records, 1833-1925; All Saints Parish (Chicago: S State); 

Baptisms 1906-1921 with index; Image 183 of 229; entry 1402)


Numerus Currens: 1402.

Nomen Infantis et Residentia: Valeria Leocadia; Roseland, Ill.

Dies Mensis Annus; Nativitatis: 9a Dec. 1916.

Dies Mensis Annus; Baptismi: 24a Dec. 1916.

Nomen Parentum: Victor Miknevičius; Stanislava Čepulaitė.

Locus Nativitatis: Lith.

Nomen Patrinorum: Stanislaus Miknevičius; Adela Gregoravičiutė.

Nomen Ministri: P Lapelis.

Adnotationes: (no entry).


MY TRANSLATION OF THE RECORD (translated from Latin into English, except names of adults translated into Lithuanian):

Sequential Number (sequential entry number in this baptism register): 1402.

Infant's Name and Residence: Valerie Leocadia; Roseland, Illinois.

Day Month Year; Birth: 9 December 1916.

Day Month Year; Baptism: 24 December 1916.

Name(s) of Parents: Viktoras Miknevičius; Stanislava Čepulaitė [Cepulytė]

Place of Birth (of listed parent): Lithuania; [Lithuania].

Name(s) of Godparents: Stanislovas Miknevičius; Adelė Gregoravičiūtė.

Name of Minister (Priest): P. Lapelis.

Notes: (no entry).

MY SUMMARY TRANSLATION OF THIS ENTRY (translated from Latin into English, except names translated into modern Lithuanian and name of baptized infant translated into English):

Valerie Leocadia [Lith: Valerija Leokadija], the daughter of Viktoras Miknevičius and Stanislava Čepulaitė [Čepulytė], was born on December 9, 1916 and was baptized in All Saints Lithuanian Roman Catholic church in Chicago on December 24, 1916.  The godparents were Stanislovas Miknevičius and Adelė Gregoravičiūtė.  The priest was Rev. P. Lapelis.

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