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All Saints RCC 1921-05-18 Baptism Record (in Latin)

Refer to the image below, which is an image of entry 3 on register page 1 of the 1921-1925 baptism register of All Saints (Lithuanian) RC Parish in Chicago.  The format of this entry is typical of other entries in this baptism register.


18 May 1921 Entry in All Saints RCC Baptism Register (in Latin)

(Ref: Website; Illinois, Chicago, Catholic Church Records, 1833-1925; All Saints Parish (Chicago: S State); 

Baptisms 1921-1925 with index; Image 71 of 132; entry 3)

In this example entry, the number "3" in the first column is the sequential entry number for this calendar year (1921). [The previous baptism register book (which had a different entry format) ended in April 1921. This is the third entry of a new register book.]

TRANSCRIPTION: Die 18 mensis Maii A.D. 1921 ego infrascriptus baptizavi (absolute) Luciam, infantem, fil. leg. ex Antonii Butinas (Nomen patris) Lithuania (Locus natalis patris) et Juliannae Lokaitė (Nomen matris) Lithuania (Locus natalis matris) e loco Roseland, Ill. (Residentia Parentorum) die 2 mensis Maii A.D. 1921 natam.  Patrini fuerunt Bronislaus Petkus (Nomen patrini) e loco. Roseland, Ill. (Residentia) et Anna Žutautienē (Nomen matrinae) e loco. Roseland, Ill. (Residentia).  P. Lapelis; Sacerdos officiens.

GENERAL TRANSLATION: On day 18 of May in the Year of the Lord 1921, I the undersigned, baptized {__} Lucy (Lith: Liucija), an infant; the legitimate daughter of Antanas Butinas, born in Lithuania, and Julijona Lokaitė, born in Lithuania, both of Roseland, Illinois; born on day 2 of May in the Year of the Lord 1921. The godparents were Bronislovas Petkus of Roseland, Illinois and Ona Žutautienė of Roseland, Illinois.  [signed] P. Lapelis; the {officiating?} priest.

MY SUMMARY TRANSLATION OF THIS ENTRY (translated from Latin into English, except names translated into modern Lithuanian and name of baptized infant translated into English): Lucy [Lith: Liucija], the daughter of Antanas Butinas and Julijona Lokaitė, was born on May 2, 1921 and was baptized in All Saints Lithuanian Roman Catholic church in Chicago on May 18, 1921. The godparents were Bronislavas Petkus and Ona Žutautienė. The priest was Rev. P. Lapelis.


  • Birthplace of Parents.  The place "Lithuania" is typical of the entries in this register; a specific birthplace within Lithuania is not identified.
  • For Latin given names, Reference 1 was used to find the Lithuanian and English equivalent names (Reference 3 could also be used).
  • Latin Given Name "Lucia" (from "Luciam"). The equivalent English name is "Lucy"; the equivalent Lithuanian name is "Liucija".
  • Latin Given Name "Antonius" (from "Antonii"). The equivalent Lithuanian name is "Antanas"; the equivalent English name is "Anthony".
  • Latin Given Name "Julianna" (from "Juliannae"). The correct Latin spelling is "Juliana". The equivalent Lithuanian name is "Julijona"; the equivalent English name is "Julianna".
  • Latin Given Name "Bronislaus". The equivalent Lithuanian name is "Bronislavas"; the equivalent English name is "Bronislav".
  • Latin Given Name "Anna". The equivalent Lithuanian name is "Ona"; the equivalent English name is "Anne".
  • Lithuanian Characters in Name "Žutautienė".  The handwritten entry had a "Z" with a short horizontal line at mid-height. I interpreted that to be a Polonized way of indicating the "Zh" sound, and so used the Lithuanian letter "Ž" instead of English "Z".  Each of the two handwritten e's in the name appears to have a horizontal line above it (ē), which was an earlier printed form of the e that has a dot above it (ė).  The first e actually has no diacritical mark; the horizontal line that appears to be above it is a hasty attempt to dot the "i".  [This priest seems to use the "ė" at the end of maiden names and the "ē" at the end of married names.]
  • "Roseland, Illinois".  Roseland was actually a neighborhood within Chicago. A more correct entry would have been "Roseland".