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All Saints (Lithuanian) RC Parish Registers Online (1906-1925)

  • Overview
  • Location of Parish Church and Rectory
  • List and Descriptions of the Online Parish Registers
  • Potential Sources of Confusion in Searching the Online Parish Registers


The 1906-1925 baptism, marriage and death registers of All Saints (Lithuanian) Roman Catholic (RC) parish in Chicago are available for online viewing at website  If your immigrant Lithuanian ancestor was in this parish, these records (especially the marriage records) might be of significant help in finding the link to your immigrant Lithuanian ancestor's birth family in Lithuania. 

- Marriage Records:

  • "Pre-Americanized" surname (if your ancestor was the bride, groom, or a named witness).
  • Names of parents (if your ancestor was the bride or groom).
  • Birthplace (if your ancestor was the bride or groom) [but the records of this parish typically say only "Lithuania" and do not identify the specific birth village or town].

- Baptism Records:

  • "Pre-Americanized" surname (if your ancestor was a parent or godparent of the baptized child).

- Death Records:

  • "Pre-Americanized" surname (if your ancestor was the deceased person or was a parent of a deceased child).

All Saints Church (circa-1950 photo from parish 50th anniversary book)

Location of Parish Church and Rectory

The entries in the online marriage, baptism and death registers of All Saints (Lithuanian) RC parish start in October 1906 and go through the end of 1925.

  • CHURCH LOCATION 1908-1960.  From mid-1908 through mid-1960, the religious services of All Saints (Lithuanian) RC parish were conducted in the parish church located in a combination church-school building at 10806 South Wabash Avenue in the Roseland neighborhood of Chicago.  The church was located near the southwest corner of East 108th Street and South Wabash Avenue, with its main entrance on Wabash Avenue.  Excerpt from parish golden jubilee book (Reference 9): "On August 18th, 1907, the cornerstone of All Saints church was blessed.  Construction work progressed so rapidly that the exterior of the church was completed by June 14 of the following year.  Though not completely furnished and decorated inside, the church was blessed and services began."
  • CHURCH LOCATION 1960-1989.  The church was located at 10801 South State Street, on the southeast corner of 108th Street and South State Street, with its main entrance on State Street.  This church was dedicated on June 16, 1960, and was thereafter used for the parish religious services until it was closed in 1989.
  • RECTORY LOCATION 19(08?)-1989.  The rectory was located at 10809 South State Street.
  • LOCATIONS OF 1906-1908 PARISH RELIGIOUS SERVICES PRIOR TO PARISH CHURCH.  Before the All Saints (Lithuanian) RC parish church was first used for services in mid-1908, the parish services were held at 3 different Chicago RC churches: first at St. Anthony (Italian) church in Kensington; later at St. Willibrord (Dutch) church in Roseland; finally at St. Nicholas (German) church in Roseland.  ​Excerpt from parish golden jubilee book (Reference 9): "Father Serafinas ... had to build a church for the new parish which included within its boundaries all of Kensington, West Pullman, Chicago Heights, Burnside and Roseland.  He immediately made arrangements with the pastor of St. Anthony's Italian parish for the temporary use of their church for Lithuanian services.  Because of a misunderstanding with the pastor of the church, the Lithuanian services were shifted to St. Willibrord's church and finally to St. Nicholas' German parish.  The pastor of the last mentioned church was especially kind and understanding."

List and Descriptions of the Online Parish Registers

The 1906-1925 baptism, marriage and death registers of All Saints (Lithuanian) RC parish in Chicago are available for online viewing at website under the title "All Saints Parish (Chicago: S State)".  The following sets of records are listed under this title:

- Marriage Registers:

- Baptism Registers:

- Death Registers:

  • Deaths 1877-1906  [NOT APPLICABLE; WRONG PARISH!]
  • Deaths 1890-1915  [NOT APPLICABLE; WRONG PARISH!]
  • Deaths 1906-1915  *
  • Deaths 1906-1926 with index

- Other Registers:

  • Communions 1906-1924  [NOT APPLICABLE; WRONG PARISH!]
  • Confirmations 1894-1905 with index  [NOT APPLICABLE; WRONG PARISH!]
  • Confirmations 1906-1925  [NOT APPLICABLE; WRONG PARISH!]
  • Confirmations 1923

The records above that have an asterisk after the title are redundant; they are included within the other records.  

The confirmation register may be of interest to family members but it is unlikely that it will be of help in finding the link to your ancestor's birth family in Lithuania.

Click on a link above for a description of the online parish register including a link to images of the register pages.

Potential Sources of Confusion in Searching the Online Parish Registers

As identified above, the list of registers under "All Saints Parish (Chicago: S State)" incorrectly includes eight registers that are not applicable to this parish.  (Those registers should instead be listed under "All Saints Parish (Chicago: Wallace St)".) identifies the parish as "All Saints Parish (Chicago: S State)" rather than as "All Saints Parish (Chicago: S Wabash)".  It was the parish rectory that was located on State Street. The church was not located on State Street until a new church was dedicated in 1960.

The list of records for "All Saints Parish (Chicago: S State) includes three "superfluous" sets of records that, although valid, are unnecessary to view because they are totally contained within other sets that have wider date ranges.  These are: (1) "Marriages 1906-1915" [which is contained within "Marriages 1906-1925 with index"]; (2) "Baptisms 1906-1915" [which is contained within "Baptisms 1906-1921 with index"]; and (3) "Deaths 1906-1915" [which is contained within "Deaths 1906-1926 with index"].

Town Name vs. Neighborhood Name.  Some entries within the records show locations of "Roseland, Illinois" and "Kensington, Illinois".  Roseland and Kensington were actually names of neighborhoods in Chicago, but it was typical at the time to refer to them in this manner.   Roseland and Kensington had at one time been outside of Chicago, but by 1906 they were within Chicago.

Parish Location "Kensington" vs. "Roseland".  The title pages of the earliest registers (1906) give the location of the parish as "Kensington, Illinois", but the parish church, built in 1908, was located in the Roseland neighborhood of Chicago (and not in the Kensington neighborhood of Chicago).  This situation happened because, when the original registers were created in 1906, the parish had not yet chosen the actual location where the church would be located.  My guess is that the location was listed in 1906 as "Kensington" because at that time the pastor lived in Kensington (in a rented apartment at 115th Street and S. Indiana Avenue). 

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