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Examples of Transcription and Translation of Entries in Latin-Language Birth Registers of Roman Catholic Churches (RCCs) in Lithuania

In general, the birth registers of Roman Catholic churches in Lithuania were in the Latin language until about 1827. [The Lithuanian State Historical Archives refers to these as birth registers, but they are actually baptism registers.] During the eighteenth century, a typical entry in a birth register would include the following information:

- date of baptism;

- [place of baptism was not stated; it was understood to be typically in the RCC for which the register was being kept];

- name of baptizing priest;

- name of baptized infant;

- names of parents of baptized infant (often omitting the mother's maiden name); 

- social class (peasant, townsperson [burgher], noble) of parents of baptized infant; 

​- a statement that the parents were lawfully married;

- sometimes: date of birth;

- home village of the parents (sometimes only listed in the margin without identifying it as such);

- names and social class of godparents (and sometimes names of their home villages).

- never?: a place that is specifically identified as being the place of birth.

Each link below provides an example of transcription and translation of an entry in a Latin-language birth (baptism) register of a Roman Catholic parish in Lithuania.
          Lieplaukė RCC 1775-02-04 Baptism Record (in Latin)

          Tverečius RCC 1802-08-24 Baptism Record (in Latin)

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