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Lieplaukė RCC 1775-02-04 Baptism Record (in Latin)

Refer to the image below, which is an image of the entry dated 4 February 1775 on register page 16 of the 1765-1784 birth (baptism) register of Lieplaukė RC Parish in Lithuania.  The format of this entry is typical of other entries in this birth register.


4 February 1775 Baptism Entry in Lieplaukė RCC Birth Register (in Latin)

(Ref: Website; Lieplaukės RKB gimimo metrikų knyga. 1765-1784 m. 

(Lieplaukė RCC birth register, 1765-1784) (F.1479. Ap.1 B.3); Image 18 of 48; entry dated 4 Feb 1775)

MY TRANSCRIPTION OF THE RECORD (in Latin, with Polonized names):

Column 2 Heading:  Februarius anni A Supra ["1775"].

Column 1:  d4 [die 4].

Column 2:  Ego qui Supra Baptisavi Mathiam Legiti~ Conjug~ [Legitimi Conjuges] nempe P [Patris] Josephi Moźeyko et M [Matris] Catharinæ Pukʃzmayte de Abaki LL Casimirus Mykuta cu~ [cum] Barbara Pukʃzmayte.



MY TRANSLATION OF THE RECORD (translated from Latin into English, except names translated into modern Lithuanian):

Column 2 Heading:  February year as above [1775].

Column 1:  on day 4.

Column 2:  I, as (named) above [Ignacijus Ulinskas (from 26 Jan 1775 entry)], baptized Motiejus, truly of lawfully married spouses: father Juozapas Mažeika and mother Kotryna Pukšmytė of Abokai.  The godparents: Kazimieras Mikutis with Barbora Pukšmytė.



MY SUMMARY OF THE RECORD (translated from Latin into English, except names translated into modern Lithuanian):

Motiejus, the son of Juozapas Mažeika and his wife Kotryna née Pukšmytė [family name Pukšmys] of Abokai, was baptized on February 4, 1775 in Lieplaukė Roman Catholic church.  The godparents were Kazimieras Mikutis and Barbora Pukšmytė.  The priest was Ignacijus Ulinskas.


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