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Vaitkevičius Nobility Document                                                                                       Vaitkevičius Nobility Document

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              Vaitkevičius Nobility Document                                                                       Vaitkevičius Nobility Document

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Vaitkevičius Nobility Document

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Source title:

Vilnius Gubernia Deputy Session for Derivations of Nobility, 1832. [LVIA record F.391. Ap.1. B.1029]



Lietuvos Valstybės Istorijos Archyvas (LVIA)


Citation detail:

Pages 48-50, "Wywod Familii Urodzonych Woytkiewiczow" (re: Derivation of the Nobility of Woytkiewicz [Vaitkevičius] Family), 29 Oct 1832 entry (handwritten in Polish); paper photocopies of original pages at LVIA sent by researcher (AP) on 29 Jul 2005.


MY SUMMARY OF SELECTED EXCERPTS FROM THE RECORD (translated from Polish into English, except names translated into Lithuanian){untranslated Polonized names are also shown, in curly brackets}:

Andrius Vaitkevičius {Andrzey Wojtkiewicz}, who was squire of the Klaišiai estate, had two sons, Jurgis {Jerzy} and Valentas {Walenty}.

Jurgis {Jerzy} had a son Vladislovas {Władysław}

   -  Vladislovas {Władysław} had a son Jonas {Jan}

       -  Jonas {Jan} had sons Martynas {Marcin} and Antanas {Antoni}

  -  Martynas {Marcin} had sons Laurynas {Wawrzyniec} (baptized 10 Aug 1760 in Tverai ), Jonas {Jan} (baptized 29 Dec 1766 in Tverai), Motiejus {Maciej}, Fabijonas {Fabian}, Kazimieras {Kazimierz} (baptized 28 Feb 1771 in Tverai), and Leonas {Leon}

              -  Motiejus {Maciej} had sons Ignotas Juozapas {Ignacy=Jozef} (baptized 1 Feb 1787), Jonas Andrius {Jan=Andrzey} (baptized 25 Jun 1793), Sebastijonas Fabijonas {Sebastyan=Fabian} (baptized 13 Jan 1795), Augustinas {Augustyn} (baptized 26 Mar 1796), and Teodoras Jonas {Teodor=Jan} (baptized 12 Nov 1797)

                 -  Jonas Andrius {Jan=Andrzey} had sons Leonardas Juozapas {Leonard=Jozef} (baptized 3 Jan 1817 in Tverai), Kajetonas Jonas {Kaietan Jan} (baptized 10 Nov 1827 in Tverai), and Juozapas Tomas {Jozef=Tomasz} (baptized 8 Mar 1832 in Tverai)

Jurgis and Valentas Vaitkevičius, sons of Andrius Vaitkevičius, had title dated 6 May 1606 to a Žarenai estate called Klaišiai.  On 24 May 1606 they vested this estate to others.

On 18 Jul 1691, VladislovasVaitkevičius inherited from his father Jurgis the estate Smilgiai located in the Medingėnai powiat of Samogitia.  On 8 Oct 1691 he vested this estate to others.

On 15 Jul 1718 (from page 1) or 18 July 1715 (from page 5), JonasVaitkevičius inherited from his parents the estate Laurynaičiai located in the Tverai powiat of Samogitia.  On 25 Jun 1725 he vested this estate to others.

On 18 Sep 1780, MartynasVaitkevičius assigned the estate Gudaičiai to his six sons.



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