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Kurtuvėnai RCC 1850-01-17 Marriage Register Entry (in Russian)

(Marriage of Jonas Petravičius and Agnetė Svirtūnaitė)


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[My File: 1850-01-17-MARR-A-F1188-Ap1-B26-Image012-005.jpg]


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Kurtuvėnai RC Church registers, 1775-1927 (LVIA records F.1188 Ap.1) [database online]

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Kurtuvėnai RCC marriage register, 1849-1865 (F.1188 Ap.1 B.26) (in Russian); Image 012 (pp. 9v-10) (accessed Feb 2011) of 195; entry 5.

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Jonas Petravičius [A26] [my great-great-grandfather].

Agnetė Svirtūnaitė [A27] [my great-great-grandmother].

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17 Jan 1850

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Kurtuvėnai, Šiauliai, Šiauliai, Lithuania
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GROOM: Jonas Petravičius of Žinduliai, 25, the son of Mykolas Petravičius and Barbora née Kanapackaitė. BRIDE: Agnetė Svirtūnaitė of Jautmalkė, the widow of Kaveckas, 35, the daughter of Antanas Svirtūnas and Domicelė née Karžebavičiūtė.

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17 Jan 1850

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Kurtuvėnai RC parish church

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Record of 17 Jan 1850 marriage of my great-great-grandparents Jonas Petravičius and Agnetė Svirtūnaitė, entry 5 on p. 9v of 1849-1865 Kurtuvėnai RC Church marriage register (LVIA F.1188. Ap.1. B.26) (in Russian); copy of Image 12 downloaded from in Feb 2011, and then cropped to show only entry 5.

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TRANSLATION/ TRANSCRIPTION OF EXCERPTS FROM THIS REGISTER ENTRY (translated from Russian into English, except names translated into modern Lithuanian) (original text is in parentheses) [by Robert Normant; Dec 2016]:

MARRIAGE DATE [Column 3]: on January 17, 1850 (Тысяча восемсотъ пѣдѣсятого года Января Семнадцатого дня).

MARRIAGE PLACE [Column 3]: in Kurtuvėnai Roman Catholic parish church (въ Куртовянскомъ приходскомъ Римско Католическомъ Костелѣ).

PRIEST [Column 3]: Rev. Laurinavičius local [of this parish] vicar (Мѣстньій викарнвій Ксендзъ Лаврыновичь).

GROOM'S AND BRIDE'S DATA [Column 4]: Peasants Jonas Petravičius, bachelor, from the village Žinduliai, 25, with Agnetė née Svirtūnaitė, and widow after first husband Kaveckas, 35 years, from the village Jautmalkė  parishioners of the local [Kurtuvėnai] church (Крестьянъ Яна Піотровича холостого изъ деревни Жиндулъ 25 съ Агнѣшкою по отцѣ Свиртуновною а по первому мужу Кавецкою вдовою 35 лѣтъ изъ деревни Яьтмалкѣ прихожанъ здѣшняго Костело).

GROOM'S DATA [Column 5]: the son of peasants Mykolas and Barbora née Kanapackaitė Petravičiai ["the Petravičiuses"], lawfully married spouses (Крестъянъ Михала и Барбары урожденной Канопацкой Піотровичей законныхъ супруговъ сына).

BRIDE'S DATA [Column 5]: the daughter of peasants Antanas and Domicelė née Karžebavičiūtė Svirtūnai ["the Svirtūnases"], lawfully married spouses (дочерью Крестъянъ Антона и Домицеллы урожденной Каржобовичевной Свиртуновъ законныхъ супруговъ).

WITNESSES [Column 5]: peasants Jonas Karžebavičius, Jonas Melnikavičius, Aleksandras Zavadzkas (Крестъянъ Яна Каржибовича, Яна Мѣльниковича, Александра Завадзкаго).

Citation; Other information:

1.     Register entry references, transcription, translation, and these Notes are by Robert Normant, grandson of Victor Miknis [a.k.a. Viktoras Miknevičius].
2.     Identities; Groom and Bride.  The groom in this marriage register entry is my great-great-grandfather Jonas Petravičius, and the bride is my great-great-grandmother Agnetė Svirtūnaitė (family name "Svirtūnas").
3.     Identities; Groom's Parents.  The groom's parents in this marriage register entry are my great-great-great-grandparents Mykolas Petravičius and Barbora Kanapackaitė (family name "Kanapackas").
4.     Identities; Bride's Parents.  The bride's parents in this marriage register entry are my great-great-great-grandparents Antanas Svirtūnas and Domicelė Karžebavičiūtė (family name "Karžebavičius").
5.     This register entry appears to be a contemporary handwritten transcribed copy of the original register entry, vs. being the original register entry. The original register entry is most likely in LVIA F.669 Ap.1 B.1136 (Telšiai RC diocese church registers, ___, 1850).

T1.    The following book was used as an aid in transcribing and translating this register entry:  In Their Words; A Genealogist's Translation Guide to Polish, German, Latin, and Russian Documents; Volume II: Russian, by Jonathan D. Shea & William F. Hoffman, Language & Lineage Press, 2002. [There is now a newer edition (revised 2014)].

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